Welcome to the COVID-19 Vaccination Check!

You are already fully vaccinated and would like to inquire about a possible booster vaccination? Or you would like to know if you can get vaccinated against COVID-19? In both cases, the COVID-19 Vaccination Check will give you an answer in just a few steps and guide you to the appropriate point of contact in your canton.

The questions of the vaccination check are based on the current vaccination recommendations.

Please note: The Covid-19 Vaccination Check is in no way a substitute for individual medical advice!

Do you have general questions about the COVID-19 vaccination?

You can find more information on the BAG website Vaccination. Or call the Covid-19 Vaccination Infoline at +41 800 88 66 44 (daily 6 am to 11 pm).

Booster vaccination is now available in Switzerland. Check now your eligibility by clicking on « I want a booster dose ».